Running a business? Want to generate more revenues? Leads are exactly what you need. Only then you can pursue those to convert them into your customers. But how can you do that? Are you using LinkedIn for your business? It is undoubtedly one of the best professional networks available.
A creative fan pays tribute to "Twin Peaks" using nothing but paper. Agent Cooper would be impressed. Just don't tell the Log Lady, she might take the choice of material personally.
Second-party data is something you don't hear about often. In part three of his multi-part series on the data landscape, columnist Alistair Dent takes a look at what second-party data is and how you can use it.The post An In-Depth Look At Second-Party Data For Digital Marketers appeared first on...Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
"Eraserhead" on espresso? Watch this avant-garde commercial directed by David Lynch's daughter Jennifer to promote his unique coffee brand.
Technically Incorrect: A UK study suggests that schoolkids' performance significantly improves when they can't get hold of a phone at school. It also showed that low-achieving students improved the most.
Paige Denim's first Promoted Video campaign, featuring spokesmodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, received 94K paid views, 1.77 million impressions and boosted Twitter traffic to the brand's e-commerce site by 35%. The post How One Company Scored 7 Cents A View With Twitter Promoted Video appeared...Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
As Millennials become increasingly important as customers, brands have started to incorporate nostalgia into their campaigns to win them over. Used correctly, nostalgia can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but what makes today’s nostalgia marketing unique compared to the past?
​Social media can be a major asset - but it can also be a waste of our time. I talk with small-to-midsize businesses and organizations every week, and the number one thing I hear from them about why they're admittedly not doing enough on social media is because they just don't have the time.