People who use the Paper iPhone app browse an average of 80 stories each day, but they told Facebook that they were missing essential daily information.
Books by leading children's authors will begin with retelling of Luke Skywalker origin story. Disney hopes to fan interest in 'Wars' before December 2015 release of "Episode VII."
Amazon's Prime service is increasing by $20. Can you handle it?
Science fans and space junkies alike can now access code for a range of NASA projects. Who knows? It could help you accomplish your next mission.
Miss a few stories this week? We'll bring you up to speed with this rundown of all the tech news.
An artist's rendering shows what the iPhone 6 could look like based on the rumors surrounding Apple's next handset.
The social network for professional schmoozing wants the entire global workforce to sign on to its service.
Ouya's retreat from game-console hardware freed it up to target a wider range of TV-connected devices. But it may have jumped from the frying pan into the Fire TV.
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